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Positive Child Guidance and positive discipline is always practiced in our program.  Positive discipline focuses on teaching rather than on punishment.  Our goals are to help children develop:

  • A High Self-esteem
  • To be Self-responsible
  • Self-Control
  • To negotiate Conflicts without hurting others
  • To be Competent
  • To Cooperate with and help others
  • To be Independent
  • To Value others and treat them with Respect

We begin by teaching your child to negotiate conflicts without hurting others by using their "WORDS'.  Communicating expectations is a very powerful tool in negotiating conflict.  Expressing our "feelings" with words, "That makes me mad", or "That hurts my feelings", teaches the child that they are able to express their feelings of anger without hitting.  If the child learns that using his/her words are effective, they will not need to hit and will learn to effectively negotiate conflict.  If a child gets hit by another child, they are taught to use their words and then get an adult.  The hitting child is held accountable by apologizing and giving the child a hug.  This appeals to the child's empathy and teaches the child to be self-responsible.  They are then taught to use their "words"; we go over the scenario and act-out the desired behavior.  Hands-on is the most effective teaching tool.  With the advantage of a small group, teaching and encouraging more-appropriate behavior will enable your child to effectively solve problems in kindergarten without becoming frustrated and discouraged.

We have developed appropriate or 'GOOD LIMITS'.  Good limits protect children's health and safety, teach self-control, and help children develop self esteem, become cooperative, helpful, independent, self-reliant, and competent.  Reasonable fair rules give children a chance to choose their behavior, for example, painting only on his/her own paper or not painting at all.  Children achieve self-control and learn how to work well when they are encouraged to make choices and then experience safe consequences of their choices. 

We use "Thinking-time", the child thinks about, talks about, and acts-out the appropriate behavior, focusing on the positive instead of the negative.  Often children know what 'NOT TO DO', but they don't know what 'TO DO'.  Teaching them what 'TO DO', teaches them a more-appropriate behavior without focusing on the undesirable behavior.  Sometimes a child needs to express a feeling; drawing, painting, or talking is often what the child needs.  The younger children are removed, redirected, or talked to, about what 'TO DO'.  We are very sensitive to the child's emotional needs.  Teaching is the core of Child Guidance.




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